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About Us

The Enys Way

With Enys CBD products, our mission is clear: to help our customers in easing
the challenges and discomforts caused by daily life.

Our brand name is inspired by the natural wonder of Cornwall, a county we call
home and a region known for its sense of adventure and tranquility.
The Cornish word “enys” itself, translates as “island.”

Enys’ CBD products work to alleviate everyday barriers, whether it be physical
or mental, so that you can rediscover life’s purities and redefine your limits for
a healthier, richer lifestyle.

And 100% isolate means, 100% pure.

That’s why all of our products contain only CBD and no other compounds that
may alter its effects such as THC, ensuring our commitment to unrivalled
quality and consumer safety.

Join our active and supportive community today and begin to Live Life Well.

Any questions?

For more information about Enys, CBD, and what it can do for you, take a look at our FAQ section.